Shincha 24 is here!!

It’s Shincha Season!!
We have Green Teas from the Land of the Rising Sun, Nippon!!

What is Shincha?

Shincha (新茶 or “new tea”) is a Japanese green tea that comes from first harvest sencha during spring. Shincha comes from the best of the highly-coveted first-harvest leaves.

It’s only available in limited quantities during the springtime which makes it a prized tea. 
During winter, tea plants store minerals and nutrients, such as amino acids, which are then released into the various parts of the plant when it starts to bud.
This provides Shincha its characteristic sweet taste compared to other Japanese green teas, as well as a lower level of astringency. Not only is Shincha made from the best quality leaves, but it is also the freshest tea you can enjoy.

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