At J Mart, we carry Junmai sake from various Prefectures.
Junmai literally means, “pure rice”. Junmai sake is brewed only with Water, Rice and Koji (Aspergillus oryzae).

Sake is graded by Rice Polishing Ratio.
The percentage of rice grain remaining before brewing begins.
This has a huge effect on the quality and flavor profile of the finished product.
In general, the more the rice is polished, the higher the grade of sake.
Highly polished rice usually leads to a lighter, more complex flavor profile.
A higher polish rate removes the “impurities” (fats, proteins, amino acids) in the
rice kernel.

What is Junmai Daiginjyo? 

Junmai Daiginjyo (純米大吟醸)- Brewed  with very highly polished rice and even more precise and labor intensive methods. The pinnacle of the brewers’ art. Generally light, complex and fragrant.

What is Junmai Ginjyo?

Junmai Ginjyo (純米吟醸)- Brewed with labor-intensive steps, eschewing machinery for traditional tools and methods, using highly polished rice (at least 60%) and fermented at colder temperatures for longer periods of time. Light, fruity, refined.

What is Junmai?

Junmai (純米)- Made with only rice, water and koji mold. The rice used must be polished to at least 70%. Often a full and solid flavor profile, clean and well structured. (Note also Tokubetsu Junmai-shu, or “Special Junmai-shu,” which merely indicates more highly polished rice, or the use of  very special sake ri