Kaminari Wafu Gekikara Chili Sauce by Kanzuri

Hot sauce that’s one of a kind.

Kanzuri, the traditional seasoning sauce from Niigata’s Myoko City, is made extra spicy by fermenting chili powder for three years.

The Red Kanzuri is made by mixing in what was called “the world’s spiciest” pepper, Habanero. Instead of vinegar, soy sauce is used as a base

Have it with your favorite dishes like Pizza, Pasta, Gyoza Potstickers, Hotpot or even in Ramen~

Red Wafu Gekikara Chili Sauce Ingredients: Soy Sauce (Soybean, Wheat, Water,  Salt.), Habanero Pepper, Chili Pepper, Rice  Koji (Molded Rice), Citron, Salt