Hanamaruki Liquid Shiokoji, a cultured rice condiment

Hanamaruki Foods is a large miso manufacturer founded almost 100 year ago. Their unique preparation of Shiokoji is wonderful for adding umami to many dishes.

Shiokoji is a traditional Japanese condiment made from three ingredients: Salt, Koji (Fermented Rice) and Water.

Hanamaruki’s Liquid Shiokoji is one of a kind and convenient preparation of traditional Shiokoji. Unlike the traditional Shiokoji which still contains grounds of rice, Hanamaruki has filtered out all of the remaining of the ground rice and made it to pure liquid, still containing the rich enzymes from the fermentation process.

Since the liquid Shiokoji is not heat-treated, and the enzymes it contains remain active. These enzymes are effective in neutralizing natural strong scents from meat as it is cooked and also enhance the texture by creating a soft and tender product. Adding LIQUID SHIO KOJI in even small amounts increases the amount of amino acids in a dish, giving you a full-flavored finish.

We highly recommend using this product on Sashimi. You will not be disappointed.

Bring UMAMI into your foods!!